Edwin Evers Lengte | Edwin Dinan Evers is a Dutch drummer and radio host for the radio station Radio 538. He was born in the city of Amsterdam. Evers was born on May 9, 1971, in Hardenberg, the Netherlands, and had his first radio experience through the local broadcaster.

Edwin Evers Lengte
Edwin Evers Lengte

He also worked as a DJ at the local discothèque Celebration on Saturday nights. In 1991, he was featured on the radio station Power FM, which he remained on until 1993.

Evers was hired by the public broadcaster Veronica Omroep Organisatie in 1992 by Lex Harding, the radio director at the time; his first programme for Veronica was Evers in het Wild, which ran for three years.

in 1995, Veronica left the public order to start a commercial company with RTL; he and Robert Jensen were the hosts of the programme Vrijdagavondkeet; in 1997, it was announced that Evers would host the programme Vrijd

Edwin won’t say how much it is, only that it is significant. He would like to claim that it has made him wealthy. “I was able to complete the task. That is something I have to be honest and open about.

This, of course, has everything to do with the success of the radio programme and the decision to move to a commercial station, which ultimately resulted in a substantial financial gain. “Well, a portion of it did end up with me, to be honest.”

Edwin believes that the salary he received during his years at Radio 538 is unthinkable today. “I believe that the time has passed for that.

There is a problem in that making a difference in today’s radio landscape is extremely difficult, partly due to the fact that you must be given sufficient time. The process of creating something takes a long time.”

Edwin Evers Lengte
Edwin Evers Lengte

Radio is also referred to as a’slow business.’ “Anyway, you’re going to have to carve out some time, and then you’ve got to be able to do something about it.”

The difference between having a 10 percent market share and having an 18 percent market share is significant. This is particularly interesting for commercial radio stations because it is in this area that the advertising revenues are concentrated, and it is from this area that you can make money.”

“Then, as a radio producer, you may be able to put different demands on the table or negotiate a different salary at some point.” At the moment, it is extremely difficult to make that distinction in radio.”

Edwin Evers began his career as a disc jockey at the Hardenberg hospital broadcaster and now works as a record player at the Discotheque Celebration on Saturdays and Sundays.

Following his recruitment by Extra 108, Evers was first heard on the national airwaves in 1992 with Veronica on Radio 3’s Evers In Het Wild, which was broadcast in the Netherlands.

The following year, he joins the KRO, where he will host his morning show Evers Staat Op during the week.He is also well-liked by the Dutch listening audience for his impersonations, which are in addition to his presentation.

In 1998, his impersonation of the De Boer brothers resulted in a Top 40 hit with the song Money Makes Not Happy, which was written in tribute to the brothers.

In 1999, he became the first person to receive the Marconi Award for being the best radio man. Since 2000, Evers has been broadcasting on 538 AM with his morning show.

The programme has grown to become the most widely listened-to morning show on Dutch radio.

While the Hardenberger is well-known for his work with the Edwin Evers Band, his performance in 2007 demonstrated that he also possesses exceptional singing abilities.

Edwin Evers Lengte
Edwin Evers Lengte

In the television show Just The Two Of Us, he forms a duo with Berget Lewis, and they are the winners of the competition.

Edwin Evers Lengte

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